So this is it, my first official post. If you know me personally, you know I can go deep into a conversation on just about any subject. For those who don’t, welcome! The famous “Seek and you shall find” saying comes to mind, but after much seeking there was little finding. Maybe “if you build […]


When it comes to food, I like it quick, easy, and with plenty of flavor. Take the ingredients, mix them up, and watch while it stews in its own goodness. Pulling up to the Cortez Birria truck on 2220 E Rosedale St Fort Worth, TX 76105 in the Poly neighborhood, I couldn’t help but think […]


The day started off like any other – get up, run some errands, and relax. A very typical Saturday or so I thought. Amongst the never ending flood of memes and political trash talking on Facebook that morning, I came across a live feed from a group I follow called Hemphill No Se Vende (HNSV). […]

urban farms

It was the 4th of July 2020, the crowds were socially distanced and the vendors busy attending to their customers in search of fresh food. Plants, meats, cheese, breads – it was all locally sourced from farmers and artisans in the area. “It’s the busiest Saturday of the year” my friend says, as we make […]